Zucchini overload!

I have quite a bit more garden available this year – about three times the amount I had last year so I decided to plant some extra veggies that I wouldn’t be able to normally. One plant I choose was Zucchini. I have tried the odd plant before but I do not remember them doing so well.  I only have 3 plants, 2 of which are prolifically producing zucchini and huge zucchini too, if I do not collect daily. I have too many and have to keep giving some away (my friends are happy with that of course). I have made two loaves of zucchini bread and a tray of muffins already, one batch of Ratatouille and I’m running out of freezer space for anything else because I have also frozen 20 lb of raspberries and am now freezing Blueberries. So, a word of caution, make sure you like what you plant and be prepared for a bumper crop, with recipes at hand!

Of course, a great idea is you and your friends or neighbors grow different vegetables and swap them so you get a wider variety of vegetables to cook and enjoy. Also, depending how far away you are from each other your gardens might favor different plants making this a perfect way to get a larger variety and to prevent too much of one fruit or vegetable.


Another point this reminded me of is to try and grow vegetables that are not so easy to find in the shops (that’s one reason I grow runner beans), or which freeze well, so I think I will try marrow next year.

Meanwhile try the Zucchini and chocolate chip loaf on my “Food worth eating” page and enjoy.


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