Meatless March – Wk2

Healthy Vegetarian Eating  Meatless March Week 2

Healthy vegetarian eating requires balancing up different foods and key nutrients. This weeks menu is flexible so you can swap days or meals around. You do not have to eat all the food, but really try and eat all the fruit and vegetables and just cut down the portion sizes rather than omit a whole item. For instance half a sandwich or a small slice of pizza.

What are the main concerns about switching to Vegetarian? Send me a question if you like: to

I have produced a handy fact sheet which outlines key nutrients to include to make sure your Vegetarian diet is healthy and what foods to include to ensure you get all these key nutrients. - Download your guide to healthy vegetarian eating.

If deciding what to have for dinner is a question which you only ask or answer late in the day, you are probably making your life more stressful and more expensive than it needs to be. Healthy Vegetarian eating really requires good planning ahead, more so than when eating meat. Time spent planning saves time later and ensures your meals are healthy, balanced, and most importantly enjoyable and tasty. Not that you can't pick something ready made up on the way home that fits that description, but much better to have food waiting at home ready to go.

See the post Vegetarian meal planning made easy.


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