Meatless March Week3

Great you are doing well, more than half way through. New menu here Meatless March Week 3

If you are finding yourself longing for something non vegetarian then go ahead and have fish one night, then you will be happier going back to vegetarian. After March will it matter if we eat fish meat or occasionally? – No we will still be making a positive difference. Even if we all ate vegetarian 80% of the time if would make a massive difference to our health, animal welfare, climate change and the future of the planet. Even if you have the odd slip up, keep going. My son stayed over with some friends at the weekend and was presented with breakfast which included bacon. He totally forgot and ate it. No worries he was back on Falafel for dinner but he was upset that he had forgotten (male teenage brain moment, could have been worse). The idea of Meatless March is to try out eating vegetarian and to see how easy it is to create meals that are meatless and then after March you will include meatless meals more and more often.

Important additions to your diet if you eat vegetarian – make sure you are taking a multivitamin which includes, iron, zinc and B12.

Now I have been asked if the order of meals items is set in stone, the answer is no, although I have balanced out the protein and grains daily but most meal selections are still comparable. Also, go ahead and buy these meals if you do not have time to cook them, that means you may end up with a slightly different version but that will not matter overall.

Tell me what are you favorite ideas so far? Which meal are you finding the most difficult?


What food have you missed the most so far?

Have a great week, Sarah



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