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Hello and welcome! I’m Sarah Rush, RD.

I am a Surrey based Registered Dietitian with a very holistic approach to Nutrition. My MO is helping people eat well, live well and live more sustainably.  I grew up in the UK, but have lived all around the world. My interest in eating well started young as I was lucky enough to grow up in suburbia, but with a large garden. We had a vegetable garden, a small greenhouse and an area for chickens. We would go into the garden to pick fruits and vegetables in season, collect freshly laid eggs. This started a lifelong gardening habit, an interest in agriculture and a commitment to fresh local produce. I have since also realized that the dutch side of my family come from a big agricultural area in Holland, so maybe it is also in my genes.

As a teenager, I regularly cooked for myself, opting for vegetarian whole food options. Not surprisingly my degree choice was a B.Sc. in Food science and Microbiology (Leeds University, UK)

My “food” career went on a tangent after that when I worked in Sales and Marketing for large UK food and drink companies. Before long though I knew this was not where my heart was and I started back on the path to my real passion, not just “food” but Nutrition. However, the experience gave me a great insight into how food companies market food and drinks.

I knew I wanted to know more about the relationship between food and the body and I wanted to become not just knowledgeable, but dive deep into that relationship so I choose to embark on a Masters degree that would give me that depth of knowledge. I successfully completed a Medical Masters in Human Nutrition (Sheffield University, UK). Shortly after finishing I moved to B.C. and was then accepted into a Dietetic Internship along side U.BC interns. A Dietetic internship involves Clinical nutrition practice in hospitals and residential homes, Public Health nutrition and a short spell in food service in these facilities too. Only after interns prove they are competent can they take the College of Dietitians exam.  After a long year I finally achieved my goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian, the highest level of training in Dietetics and Nutrition, regulated by the College of Dietitians and a recognized Health Profession in Canada. A Registered Dietitian is internationally recognized as a health professional who practices ethically, safely, uses evidence based information and always acts in the clients’ best interest.

Since becoming a Dietitian I have also completed additional training in Diabetes Management and a post Graduate Sports Nutrition course as well as continually updating my knowledge base.

My life experience, working in various fields of food and nutrition and living in different countries around the world moulded me into a Dietitian with a very unique knowledge base and Holistic style. I bring all of my experience and knowledge into my practice, getting people on the path to eating better to live better. You can’t help but be inspired.

Aside from working as a Dietitian I also volunteer in the community with various groups who are dedicated to trying to save as much agricultural land in Surrey as possible from development, so future generations will be able to eat local fresh food.  We all need to help each other on this one.

Get in touch if you would like to have me come and talk to your group or employees about Sustainable eating.

I firmly believe the way forward must be a more sustainable food system with a holistic approach to eating and health.

I believe that eating locally grown produce, or home grown if possible, is an important part of the healthy lifestyle matrix, along with balancing busy lives better, exercising and responsible, sustainable living. It all matters in the health equation.

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